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My approach to instructional design is grounded in the understanding that adults learn best when their experiences and prior knowledge are leveraged and when they are set up to apply learning to their professional contexts. I foster collaborative and learner-centric environments using a variety of instructional strategies and incorporating technology.  

My instructional eye is sharp. I have experience evaluating adult learning from the course to the conference level. I will work with you to clarify your motivation for evaluation and identify how to involve stakeholders including constituents, community members, and end-users, in the process. I will produce a comprehensive evaluation complete with actionable recommendations.


I’ve been told that I am an instructional design wizard. I have experience designing adult learning workshops and courses for online and in-person modalities. I will guide you through a backward design process that starts with clarifying the end goal and assessment measures for your intended audience. From there, I will create highly interactive learning experiences that are precisely aligned with the desired end goal.


With over 15 years of teaching experience, I’ve mastered the art of adult facilitation. I can command a room of 100+ participants virtually and in-person. When learning with me, participants can expect to be affirmed yet pushed, to be highly engaged, and for clarity and guidance around end goals. I will work with you to get to know cultural dynamics and context to ensure a welcoming, authentic, and responsive environment.


I was a teacher of children in my first career before specializing in working with adult learners. As an educator at heart, I love helping people grow. Whether you or your team have questions they’d like to run by me or are seeking more formal instructional design and learning and development guidance, I offer speaking and coaching services.

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